Who We Are

For nearly four decades, Project Discovery has worked with thousands of students in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Project Discovery assists students from predominantly low to moderate-income households or students who would be the first in the family to attend college.

Project Discovery works through 19 partner agencies in 22 locations to provide programs in 122 schools. Project Discovery combines a nationally recognized curriculum of workshops that improve study skills, time management, and financial planning with assistance to students and parents applying for both admissions and financial aid.

Project Discovery also takes students to college campuses where they can meet with financial aid and admissions officers, talk with students and professors, and see for themselves that college is attainable and important.

Project Discovery believes that hardworking, meritorious students should not be deprived of an opportunity to attend college simply because of a lack of funding. The program’s vision is to see that every student graduate from high school and every student who has the desire and demonstrates the ability, be able to attend post-secondary education.


Our vision is to see every student graduate from high school and see every student who has the desire and demonstrates the ability attend post-secondary education.


Project Discovery, Inc. was started as a pilot program by Total Action for Progress (TAP) in Roanoke, VA in 1979 in response to low college matriculation rates for low-income students. Over the years, Project Discovery has expanded into a statewide program (Project Discovery, Inc.) that serves 122 schools in 51 school districts across the state of Virginia. Throughout its 33-year history, Project Discovery has proven to be an effective method for improving postsecondary matriculation, performance, and graduation rates for disadvantaged students across the state of Virginia.

What we do for students:


Starting as early as middle school, you can participate in activities including cultural workshops, guidance in class selection, SOL and SAT preparatory classes, workshops in both financial aid and college life, and college campus tours.

fee waivers & scholarships

Some participants may also qualify for SAT fee waivers, college fee waivers, and special scholarship opportunities.

What we do for parents:

application process

You know that a college education is the gateway to a brighter future for your child.  But sometimes the cost, the forms, and the deadlines seem just too much to deal with. Project Discovery can help.  We have helped over 6,000 students get into college or technical school and we know how to it.

fee waivers

Your child should plan to apply to between three and five different schools.  Each will offer a different deal with a different mix of financial aid, work study, scholarships, and loans.  You will need to look at all the offers to pick the one that best fits your child’s needs. But all these applications can be expensive.  Project Discovery can help with some schools by providing fee application waivers. Your local Project Discovery coordinator can help get SAT and ACT test fee waivers as well.

college campus tours

Each year, Project Discovery takes seniors on trips to college campuses.  You could travel along as a chaperon. This is a great time to see what the campus looks like, talk with other students and professors, see the dorms and taste the food in the cafeteria.  It is also a great time to talk with the financial aid and admission office. They know how to help get your child enrolled and will be the people who can answer all of your questions about that particular school.

application timelines

Project Discovery can help keep both you and your child on task during the long admissions process.  You should be starting early in your child’s junior year of high school. There are tests to take, applications to fill out, essay’s to write, recommendations to obtain.  Your local Project Discovery Coordinator can help you get it all done on time and see that it is done properly.

planning for the future

 It’s not too early to start planning for your child’s future.  Project Discovery can help every step of the way.